how to dilute chemical guys lightning fast

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  • How does chemical guys lightning fast work?

  • Lightning Fast contains powerful cleaning agents developed for professional detailers that need results fast. This uniquely designer blend of cleaners lifts dirt particles away from the fibers so that they can be rapidly removed. Chemical Guys premium blend of surface protectants enable Lightning Fast to protect carpet fibers after every use.

  • How do you use lightning fast cleaning spray?

  • No need for hard scrubbing and brushing to remove set in stains, dirt, grease, or grime. Use Lightning Fast to clean fresh or set-in stains on carpets, fabrics, or upholstery. Lightning Fast works hard across light and heavy stains. Simply spray on light stains, agitate, then wipe away.

  • What is a lightning fast stain extractor?

  • Chemical Guys blended the all new Lightning Fast Stain Extractor with advanced cleaning agents that penetrate deep, dissolve stains, then emulsify and lift dirt and debris to the surface. The advanced cleaning formula is tough on spots and stains, yet gentle on fabrics and dyes.

  • How do you dilute chemical guys products?

  • The amount of each liquid changes depending on the ratio used, and the size of the container. Use the Chemical Guys Dilution Ratio Chart to dilute your favorite Chemical Guys products. Simply mix the proper amounts of product and filtered water to achieve the perfect dilution ratio to take on any job.

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