how to chemically exfoliate body

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Mechanical exfoliationinvolves physically scrubbing your skin鈥檚 surface with a scrub, dry brush, or another exfoliating skin care tool. Chemicalexfoliationinvolves the use of resurfacing skin care ingredients like salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid), retinol, or enzymes to chemically break down surface buildup.

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  • What is chemical exfoliation and how does it work?

  • Dr. Tipirneni revealed, Chemical exfoliation basically deals with the skin cells – our skin cells have a natural cycle all over the body and typically regenerate every month approximately. But, our environmental factors like lifestyle, stress, exercise, sun exposure, and ageing can slow the process down.

  • How to take care of your skin after exfoliating?

  • After exfoliating, you must moisturise your skin. You can use cream, lotion, or natural moisturiser like olive oil, shea butter or aloe vera. For a dry skin, I recommend you to mix the body scrub with body oil to exfoliate your body so they won’t dry. Don’t go in sun right after exfoliating.

  • How do you exfoliate your body with a sponge?

  • Scrub the sponge over your skin in small, circular motions. Make sure to apply some pressure to feel the sponge’s rough texture on your skin; that way, it will rub the surface-layer dead skin away. Starting at the ankles is recommended because it helps to encourage positive blood circulation during the exfoliation process.

  • Are Chemical exfoliants better for your skin than Scrubs?

  • Chemical exfoliants are much easier on the skin than physical scrubs, dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D., tells SELF. Tammy Pahel, spa director at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, agrees, explaining, 鈥淐hemical peels go deeper within the skin than scrubs do, so, they tend to produce desired results with fewer problems.鈥?/div>Chemical Exfoliation Is the Skin-Care Step Your Body Is

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