how to avoid cross contamination of chemicals in lab

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Perhaps the best way to avoid contamination in lab samples is byautomating certain aspects of the process. Introducing automated liquid handling equipment into your laboratory can significantly reduce the risk of human error and cross-contamination of samples.

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  • How to avoid contamination in lab samples?

  • Contamination can occur during various points in the lab process. However, there are measures you can take and protocols you can establish to reduce this risk and avoid contamination in lab samples. Perhaps the best way to avoid contamination in lab samples is by automating certain aspects of the process.

  • How to avoid cross-contamination in cell culture media?

  • To avoid cross-contamination and mixing of cell lines, work with only one cell type at a time. Finally, avoid routine antibiotics in cell culture media, since antibiotics can mask an underlying contamination which is not targeted by the antibiotics.

  • How can I prevent particles from entering my lab?

  • Wearing gloves, a lab coat, lab glasses (when appropriate), and hair ties will avoid particles, like keratin and bacteria from your skin, falling into your tubes, vials, and plates. Also, clean up when you鈥檙e done!

  • Can you leave the lab with gloves on?

  • 1. Don鈥檛 Leave the Lab Wearing Your Gloves! Gloves are used to protect skin from chemicals and infectious materials. Once used, gloves are considered contaminated. Gloves must be removed upon exiting the lab to prevent cross contamination of commonly used surfaces.

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