how often should the department chemical list be updated

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  • How often must chemical inventory records be updated and certified?

  • Chemical inventory records must be updated and certified annually. In addition, they must be updated within 30 days of any significant changes to the inventory, such as a room relocation, additions of large amounts of new chemicals, or changes in the names and phone numbers of key contacts.

  • How often does MSDS need to be updated?

  • MSDS updating frequency is every 3 years or when significant new data is available before 3 years elapsed. This means that revised MSDS must be available if there is a change in the hazard classification of the substance. Or if there is a change in method of handling, storing, or personal protection against its hazard.

  • What should I do when new chemicals arrive in the workplace?

  • Update the list and the SDS binder when new chemicals arrive in the workplace. Note the locations of the chemicals. Note the types and sizes of chemical containers. Tally the total amounts of chemicals stored in your workplace.

  • How do I Find my reportable chemical list?

  • Go to Inventory / Quick Chemical Entry and Search, then select List Filter / MIT Annual Chemical Report. On the resulting page, select Options / Export to Excel to see your reportable chemical list. Please note you must have CAS#s associated with your chemicals for this filter to work. Which Chemicals Should be Inventoried?

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