how much is chemical straightening

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$250 and $1,000

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  • How much does a chemical hair straightener cost?

  • The chemical hair straighteners often called relaxers, have a similarity to perms. Instead making curls these products relax and remove waves and curls from hair. The professional-strength chemical straighteners that salons use are the most effective, but cost as much as $250.

  • What is chemical hair straightening?

  • Chemical hair straightening, also known as hair relaxing, is a technique that uses special types of creams and lotions (hair relaxers) to straighten your locks. Hair relaxers work by penetrating your hair shaft and causing it to lose its natural curl pattern.

  • How much does permanent hair straightening cost in India?

  • How much does Permanent Hair straightening Cost? It costs about Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 depending on the salon and the brand you choose. L鈥橭real treatment may cost more, but they last longer than other products.

  • Is hair straightening cost effective and cost effective?

  • The cost of hair straightening varies according to where and how you perform it. But is it cost effective? We believe it is. Find out more about at-home and salon treatments, and tips on how you can save big. How Much Does Hair Straightening Cost?

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