how does oxygen cause chemical weathering

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  • How does oxygen contribute to the weathering of rocks?

  • Oxygen directly participates in the chemical weathering of rocks through the process of oxidation. In this process, oxygen reacts with a substance within the rock and forms oxides which will result in weathering. The most common example of chemical weathering through oxidation is the rusting of iron.

  • How does chemical weathering happen?

  • How Chemical Weathering Happens. Chemical weathering does not break rocks into smaller fragments through wind, water and ice (that’s physical weathering). Nor does it break rocks apart through the action of plants or animals (that’s biological weathering).

  • What is the relationship between water and mechanical weathering?

  • Water is not only a component of mechanical weathering, but also chemical weathering, called hydrolysis. In hydrolysis, the chemical bonds of a mineral are broken down by water, creating a decomposition reaction.

  • Which gas is the most common cause of chemical weathering Quizlet?

  • Oxygen is the major gas that is the cause chemical weathering. Exposure to which of these is the most common cause of chemical weathering? Exposure to oxygen is the most common cause of chemical weathering. How can oxygen cause weathering?

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