how do chemical engineers work with electricity

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  • What does a chemical engineer do to generate energy?

  • Chemical Engineers are Generating Energy. Chemical engineers are well-suited to meet the challenges associated with all types of energy production. They have long contributed to the development of such traditional, nonrenewable fossil-fuel sources as coal, petroleum, and natural gas and propane.

  • What does a chemist engineer do?

  • Chemical engineers solve problems that involve the production or use of chemicals and other products by applying the principles of chemistry. They design processes and equipment for chemical manufacturing, and test methods for manufacturing products.

  • How does a chemical engineer influence various areas of Technology?

  • A chemical engineer influences various areas of technology by thinking of and designing processes for producing, transforming, and transporting materials. Before a chemical engineer brings these materials to full scale production, there is plenty of experimentation in the laboratory.

  • What other fields do chemical engineers work in?

  • Chemical engineering often overlaps with many other fields. For example, chemical engineers are needed for designing and manufacturing computer parts and other electronics, and they work closely with electronic engineers. Nanotechnology is another growing field where chemical engineers work.

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