how can you speed up a chemical reaction

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  • How can I speed up chemical change?

  • Add a catalyst (A substance that reduces activation energy, speeding up the reaction) Sorry if I didn’t get what you meant by chemical Change, but hope Reactions is what you meant! 🙂

  • What are 5 basic ways to speed up chemical reactions?

  • 5 basic ways to speed up chemical reactions STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by telaviv123 Terms in this set (5) temperature increase temperature = more collision surface area increase surface are = more collision concentration higher concentration = more collision catalysts

  • How do enzymes speed up chemical reactions?

  • Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by lowering activation rates. In general, the lower amount of activation energy that a potential reaction has, the faster the rate of reaction will be. Enzymes change shape during the reaction process, which allows them to efficiently reduce activation rates. When…

  • How can catalysts be used to speed up chemical reactions?

  • In order to make certain reactions occur faster, catalysts can be used. Catalysts work by lowering the activation energy level that the reactants must reach in order for a reaction to occur. Since the reactants have to reach a lower activation energy level, the reaction rate itself is increased.

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