how can toxic chemicals in the soil harm you

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Toxic chemicals in the soil can harm by theconsumption of plant parts as food. Plants absorb water and minerals from the soil. The absorption of toxic chemicals can result in their accumulation in the plant. The accumulation of toxic chemicals not only harms the plant but also humans.

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  • What happens when soil is contaminated with chemicals?

  • When soil is contaminated with these substances, it can hurt the native environment. Many of these substances are just as toxic to plants as they are to humans. In addition, since soil is the 鈥?earth鈥檚 kidney ,鈥?contaminants can trickle through the soil and get to our water supply.

  • What are the harmful effects of toxic chemicals in the environment?

  • The harmful effects of toxic chemicals in the environment. The toxic chemicals are the substance that can be poisonous or cause the health effects, They don鈥檛 break down easily in the environment, they can build up the tissues of small organisms, they can move up through the food chain.

  • What are toxic chemicals and where do they come from?

  • The toxic chemicals reside in the environment such as our soil, the water, the air, and can be found in our bodies too. Exposure to these contaminants has threatened the health of humans and wildlife everywhere.

  • What are the effects of soil pollution?

  • Soil pollution can lead to air and water contamination. Visible signs of soil pollution. Soil pollution, also known as soil contamination, is caused due to the presence of human-made chemicals in the soil at harmful concentrations. Common soil contaminants include heavy metals, solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, and herbicides.

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