does a color change indicate a chemical reaction

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  • What is color change chemistry?

  • Color change chemistry isn’t restricted to chemical solutions. Chemical reactions produce interesting colors in flames, too. Colored fire spray bottles may be the most popular, where a person sprays a solution toward a flame, changing its color.

  • How do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred?

  • Signs of a Reaction – Color Change A color change may also indicate that a chemical reaction has occurred. A reaction has occurred if two solutions are mixed and there is a color change that is not simply the result of a dilution of one of the reactant solutions. A color change may also occur when a solid and liquid are mixed.

  • What determines the color of a substance?

  • The properties of a substance which determine its color are chemical properties (the color is determined by the optical properties which are largely determined by the bonding interactions). Therefore a change in color is indicative of a change in bonding, which is a chemical change.

  • What color do acids turn in a chemical reaction?

  • Acids turn the indicator red, pink, orange, and yellow, while bases turn it green, blue, and purple. Vinegar is an acid, so when you poured the indicator solution into the second flask, it turned red.

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