do kotex tampons have chemicals in them

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In any case, the FDA has backed up their contention. The fact is that Kotex tampons and Tampax by PG still containrayon, and dioxin is a byproduct of rayon manufacture. It鈥檚 certainly suspicious that while both companies are required by law to track the dioxin content in their products, both have refused to make their findings public.

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  • Do Kotex tampons contain dioxins?

  • 鈥淜imberly-Clark鈥檚 U by Kotex tampons are manufactured by a process that is both chlorine and dioxin-free,鈥?says spokesperson Bob Brand. 鈥淗owever, since dioxins can be found in the environment, Kimberly-Clark regularly tests for dioxins to ensure the safety of our products.鈥?/div>Harmful Toxic Chemicals In Tampons | Natural Health Blog

  • Are tampons and pads made from cotton?

  • Let鈥檚 look at the concerns around today鈥檚 feminine hygiene products, specifically national brand tampons and pads. These products are made from cotton and it is actually the cotton contained in these products that are the potential problem. What Is the Problem With GMO Cotton?

  • What chemicals are in sanitary pads and tampons?

  • Research published in the Textile Research Journal in 2007 extracted the chemicals found in sanitary pads and tampons throughout the world 2. While results varied among products, octachlorinated dioxin (OCDD), hexachlorodibenzofuran (HxCDF) and octa-chlorodibenzofuran (OCDF) were detected.

  • Are there toxic chemicals in tampons?

  • Then the chemical will spread to harm the whole body. Furthermore, Talia Frenkel, founder of brand L, said that inside tampons we can find some chemicals ingredients such as chlorine, fragrance, and other toxic chemicals. Although most brands did not show the ingredients of the tampons or menstruation pads, here is the list of chemicals in tampons:

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