do elements in the same group have similar chemical properties

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The horizontal rows are called periods and the vertical columns are called groups.Elements in the same group have similar chemical properties. This is because they have the same number of outer electrons and the same valency. An example of a group in the periodic table is the alkali metal group.

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  • Why do elements of the same group exhibit similar chemistry?

  • The Periodic Table reflects electronic structure; i.e. specifically the number and symmetry of the valence electrons. Given the same number of valence electrons, elements of the same Group should exhibit similar chemistry, as indeed they do.

  • How do elements have similar chemical properties?

  • The elements have similar characteristics or similar chemical properties when they are belong to the same family or group this means that when they are placed in the same column of the periodic table. Hence, the correct option is, (A) have similar chemical properties. Did this page answer your question?

  • What do elements lying in the same group have in common?

  • Also, the elements lying in the same group have common properties. Group 1 elements (lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium and francium) have similar physical properties like, metallic luster, softness, etc. Also they have similar chemical properties. For example, all the alkali metals (group 1 elements) are highly reactive to water.

  • What do elements in Group 1 and Group 2 have in common?

  • Thus all the elements of group 1 have the same number of valence electrons (i.e 1) and also they have similar physical and chemical properties. Now let鈥檚 see what do elements in group 2 have in common?

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