can you use chemical exfoliants on your lips

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However, if exfoliating is absolutely necessary, then using mild chemical exfoliants called 鈥榣ip peels鈥?isadvisable. Mild exfoliating acids like glycolic and lactic acid can gently slough of dead cells without causing any further tears and damage, according to Dr. Devgan.

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  • What are Chemical exfoliants and should you really be using them?

  • According to Markowitz, these ingredients gently exfoliate the buildup of dead skin cells and reveal softer, more hydrated skin without damaging the skin. Fruit enzymes like papaya and pineapple are another type of chemical exfoliant, which, as Hayag notes, are great for sensitive skin since they gently slough.

  • How do you exfoliate your lips?

  • Simply swipe it over your lips as you would a lipstick for quick and gentle exfoliation. Because it鈥檚 packed with coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and vanilla extract, this sweet scrub does an excellent job moisturizing the lips, too. If you鈥檙e looking for an ultra-gentle exfoliator that leaves your lips feeling nourished, look no further.

  • Should you use lip balm and exfoliator together?

  • To help, exfoliator and lip balm are a pair just like shampoo and conditioner鈥攐ne cleanses, the other conditions for a smooth, shiny finish. When your lips are dry, the skin can crack and leave open fissures that can get easily irritated or even infected, explains Purvisha Patel, MD, a Tennessee-based dermatologist and founder Visha Skincare.

  • How often should you exfoliate your lips?

  • For best results, Dr. Patel recommends exfoliating your lips once a week, unless you鈥檙e in extreme weather (hot or cold), in which case using a lip scrub twice a week may be necessary. Check out a few of Dr. Patel鈥檚 favorite lip scrubs and exfoliators below, as well as a few picks.

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