can i wear makeup the day after a chemical peel

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  • How long can you wear makeup after a chemical peel?

  • That means using makeup with sunscreen in it, which your doctor will recommend. Your doctor may suggest a high SPF factor to keep protecting your face, and also to lengthen the amount of time that your chemical peel results will last. You can make it through without makeup for a few days, or even perhaps for some treatments up to two weeks.

  • How to take care of your skin after a chemical peel?

  • Keeping the skin clean after a peel is very important. The best option is to wash with cool water and a mild soap. 4. Not applying moisturizer Along with regular washing, keeping the skin moisturized is also essential.

  • Is it safe to wear makeup while my Skin is peeling?

  • In the ideal world, you would wait until after your skin is peeling and healed to resume the use of daily makeup. Typically makeup is not sterile and can open healing skin to the possibility of infection or other complications. If you have redness you can use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream to help.

  • When can I wear makeup after a facelift?

  • However, that healthy new skin needs time to heal, and putting makeup on can not only irritate this delicate tissue, but also put you at a higher risk for infection. As such, I recommend that you wait at least a week before wearing makeup after a medium or deep peel.

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