can i use retinol after a chemical peel

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  • How long after a chemical peel can I use retinol (and why)?

  • For five days after your chemical peel, do not have electrolysis, facial waxing or use depilatories. Avoid using retinols and glycolic acids for 10 days post peel.

  • Should I pick at the skin after a chemical peel?

  • If you have a lighter skin complexion, you may notice mild redness after a chemical peel. Do not peel or pick at the peeling skin. You must allow the skin to flake off naturally.

  • Can I use a tanning bed before a chemical peel?

  • Discontinue use of tanning beds at least two weeks prior to a chemical peel. In fact, we advise that you stop using tanning beds altogether because they increase your risk of skin cancer and accelerate visible signs of aging. Avoid extensive sun exposure, especially in the 10 days prior to your scheduled chemical peel.

  • Are chemical peels bad for your skin?

  • Chemical peels are the quickest way to get a glowier complexion and erase the pesky wrinkles and dark spots that give your real age away. But they鈥檙e not without side effects. A chemical peel 鈥?even when done right 鈥?can leave your skin irritated, red, and peeling for a few days afterwards.

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