can i get a chemical peel on my back

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  • Can you get a chemical peel on your back for acne?

  • Chemical Peel for Scars. Yes, you may have a chemical peel treatment for scars on your back. This exfoliation caused by the acne skin peel eliminates or reduces the appearance of acne blemishes and scars. A chemical peel treatment provides benefits in addition to acne treatment as they can improve the skin’s pigmentation and make the skin smoother.

  • What is a chemical peel and is it safe?

  • A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses a solution to dissolve the first layer of skin. This stimulates your skin to regrow and helps reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and dark spots. After a chemical peel, avoid the sun, don’t wear makeup, and do not peel the skin.

  • Should you pick off dry skin before a chemical peel?

  • Picking at the skin The entire reason a person gets a chemical peel is to burn off the surface and get rid of damaged, dry skin cell layers. In order to do this, the skin must shed 鈥?which is what many people dislike the most about a chemical peel. Picking off the dry skin before it can lead to scarring and extra redness.

  • How do chemical peels work on your skin?

  • 鈥淐hemical peels exfoliate our skin by loosening attachments between skin cells,鈥?he says. 鈥淲hile naturally occurring exfoliation takes place when enzymes called proteolases break up the bond between skin cells (called the desmosome), a chemical peel breaks up the desmosome by the direct action of the acid.鈥?/div>Did Your Chemical Peel Work If You Didn鈥檛 Actually Peel?

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