are chemical exfoliants safe

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  • What are Chemical exfoliants and should you use them?

  • Chemical exfoliants tend to be gentler than physical ones that can sometimes leave skin irritated, especially when used too vigorously. Some harsh physical exfoliants can even cause micro-tears in skin, small tears that can damage the all important skin barrier. Some of the best ingredients to look for include glycolic acid and salicylic acid.

  • What are the pros and cons of physical and chemical exfoliation?

  • Exfoliation Method Pros Cons Physical Exfoliation Leaves skin feeling matte and oil-free M … Scrubbing too hard can irritate skin and … Chemical Exfoliation Better suited to sensitive skin No risk … Necessary to research before using a new …

  • Can I exfoliate my body too?

  • Your body can benefit from exfoliation just as much as your face can. If you have dry, crepey or sun-damaged skin, use a daily leave-on AHA body exfoliant containing glycolic or lactic acid to keep your skin hydrated and firm.

  • What are the best Chemical exfoliants for acne and sun damage?

  • BHA chemical exfoliants are effective treatments for acne and sun damage because they鈥檙e oil-soluble and can, therefore, penetrate deeper into the pores to target excess sebum and dead skin cells. While BHAs are best for those with oily and combination skin, those with sensitive skin or rosacea-related redness can benefit from a low percentage.

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