a tells the story of a chemical reaction

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Chemical equation

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  • What are the substances that are formed during a chemical reaction?

  • During a chemical reaction, the substances that react are known as reactants whereas the substances that are formed during a chemical reaction are known as products. Six common types of chemical reactions are discussed below. Two or more compounds combine to form one compound.

  • What is a chemical equation in chemistry?

  • A chemical equation is the symbolic representation in the form of symbols and formulas of a chemical reaction in which the reactant entities on the left-hand side and the product entities on the right-hand side are given. What is the skeleton equation?

  • How many types of chemical reactions occur every day?

  • Millions of different types of chemical reactions occur every day. The reaction in which a chemical substance transforms into another new chemical substance is known as a chemical reaction. A chemical change involves the formation of new substances whereas a physical change involves a change in colour or state and no new substances are formed.

  • What is combination reaction?

  • A reaction in which two or more reactants combine to form a single product is known as a combination reaction. It takes the form of X + Y 鈫?XY. Combination reaction is also known as a synthesis reaction.

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