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  • What happens during a photochemical reaction?

  • This response leads the molecules to experience a temporary excited state, thus altering their physical and chemical properties from the substance鈥檚 initial molecule. 鈥淭he photochemical reaction is none other than a chemical reaction that starts with light being absorbed as a form of energy鈥?

  • What do you mean by chemical reaction?

  • Definition of chemical reaction.: a chemical change that occurs when two or more substances combine to form a new substance.

  • What are some examples of chemical reactions in everyday life?

  • The different types of chemical reactions are vital for our culture, technology, and life. Smelting iron, burning fuels, pottery and glass manufacturing, production of cheese and wine, and brewing processes are typical chemical reaction examples. We balance complex chemical equations for getting desired results.

  • What is a chemical equation for a chemical reaction?

  • A chemical reaction may be represented by a chemical equation, which indicates the number and type of each atom, as well as their organization into molecules or ions. A chemical equation uses the element symbols as shorthand notation for the elements, with arrows to indicate the direction of the reaction.

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