a chemical with sporicidal properties is

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  • Do chemical agents have sporicidal activity?

  • Comparatively few chemical agents, however, possess sporicidal activity (Waites and Bayliss, 1980; Russell, 1982a; Gould. 1983), although most compounds appear capable of inhibiting either germination or outgrowth of spores in their development into vegetative cells.

  • What is the difference between sporicidal and sterilant?

  • Sporicidal Agent鈥擜n agent that destroys bacterial and fungal spores when used in sufficient concentration for a specified contact time. It is expected to kill all vegetative microorganisms. Sterilant鈥擜n agent that destroys all forms of microbial life including fungi, viruses, and all forms of bacteria and their spores.

  • What is the shelf life of a sporicidal solution?

  • Only when the solution is 鈥渁ctivated鈥?(made alkaline) by use of alkalinating agents to pH 7.5鈥?.5 does the solution become sporicidal. Once activated, these solutions have a shelf-life of minimally 14 days because of the polymerization of the glutaraldehyde molecules at alkaline pH levels.

  • Are phenolics sporicidal or bactericidal?

  • Manufacturers鈥?data using the standardized AOAC methods demonstrate that commercial phenolics are not sporicidal but are tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and bactericidal at their recommended use-dilution. Attempts to substantiate the bactericidal label claims of phenolics using the AOAC Use-Dilution Method occasionally have failed 416, 737.

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