a carcinogen is a chemical or treatment that

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Causes cancer

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  • What is a carcinogen and what causes cancer?

  • A carcinogen is something that can cause you to have cancer. It may be a substance in the air, a product you use, or a chemical in foods and drinks. Just because you had contact with a carcinogen doesn’t mean that you’ll get cancer.

  • What are the 3 types of carcinogens?

  • Carcinogen, any of a number of agents that can cause cancer in humans. They can be divided into three major categories: chemical carcinogens (including those from biological sources), physical carcinogens, and oncogenic (cancer-causing) viruses. Read More on This Topic. cancer: Cancer-causing agents.

  • Why is it important to classify carcinogens based on mechanism?

  • Classification of carcinogens based on mechanism has been important in developing meaningful scientifically based approaches to determining the relative human cancer risk after exposure to the cancer-causing agent. DNA reactive (directly or indirectly (requiring metabolism))

  • What are the foundations of chemical carcinogenesis?

  • These findings illustrate two important foundations of chemical carcinogenesis that relate to cancer induction and incidence. One factor is the relationship between age of exposure and cancer induction, whereby young subjects are more sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of a chemical.

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