a carcinogen is a chemical or treatment that

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Something that can directly cause cancer

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  • What is a carcinogen?

  • Definition: Carcinogen. A carcinogen is defined as something that can directly cause cancer. This can be a chemical substance, a virus, or even the medications and radiation we use to treat cancer.

  • What are the 3 types of carcinogens?

  • Carcinogen, any of a number of agents that can cause cancer in humans. They can be divided into three major categories: chemical carcinogens (including those from biological sources), physical carcinogens, and oncogenic (cancer-causing) viruses. Read More on This Topic. cancer: Cancer-causing agents.

  • Why are carcinogens tested for carcinogens?

  • Most carcinogens are tested because they once caused cancer in lab animals, as it can be assumed (for safety reasons), that any element causing disease in animals will most likely do the same for humans. These types of tests look at several groups of people to see if there is a link between cancer and other factors.

  • What is the pathophysiology of carcinogens?

  • Carcinogen. The two primary mechanisms by which carcinogens initiate the formation of such tumours is via alterations in DNA that encourage cell division and that prevent cells from being able to self-destruct when stimulated by normal triggers, such as DNA damage or cellular injury (a process known as apoptosis ).

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